Reflective Chevron Panels - Red and Lime NFPA

Reflective Chevron Panels - Red and Lime NFPA
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Price $130.00

Pre Made Reflective Chevron Panels. 12 inch x 5 foot (60") or 6 foot (72"). Alternating stripes are 6" wide when measured diagonally. FREE SHIPPING !! Available in -

  • Red & Lime (NFPA 1901)

Created using Reflexite V98 Conformable Prismatic films.  Very bright in the daytime and at night.

Our Pre-Striped Reflective Chevron Panels are easy to install and satisfy the NFPA 1901 requirements for Chevron Stripes on Emergency Vehicles. The panels on this page are designed to go on truck tail gates (or Vans & SUVs) but can be trimmed or cut into narrower strips for applications on other areas. The panels are available in Fluorescent Lime and Red. They are constructed using Reflective Prismatic Films which are the best in the industry. Prismatic films are the brightest of all the reflective tapes available and far exceed NFPA standards. The panels are easy to install using either a hinge method or soapy water application method.

Both the yellow and red portions of the panel are highly reflective. The panels are self adhesive and have a peel off backing. One person can install the chevron but it is helpful to have a second person.  The panels are very easy to trim with scissors or an exacto and can be modified to go around obstructions.

We currently carry panels in red and lime in the following sizes.

12 inch tall x 5 foot long panels (60 inches) - $130

12 inch tall x 6 foot long panels (72 inches) - $150