Reflective OCTAGONS (Packs of 100)

Reflective OCTAGONS (Packs of 100)
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On this page we offer 100 dot packs of Retro Reflective Octagons in several sizes and colors.  (self adhesive) From .80 of an inch and up in red, fluorescent lime yellow, fluorescent orange, blue and white. (same shape as a stop sign)

(Because of their shape, The .80 octagons fill up more of the diamond plate while still being very easy to line up like circles. This makes them more reflective overall than circles.)

We use Reflexite V98 Prismatic Daybright material which is the industry standard for prismatic reflective sheeting. Reflexite invented prismatic sheeting and continues to be the industry leader. 

We sell these in lots of 100 dots.  For example, to order 1000 dots you would enter 10 in the quantity box below. Click Here to use our diamond plate shape calculator.

To install our reflective octagons you simply peel and stick to a clean, dry surface. You can use them in quantity to create stripes, letters, numbers, etc..  You can also use them to increase visibility on doors and sliding trays.  Emergency vehicles use these dots in a variety of areas for night time visibility.  The .80 of an inch octagons are especially useful in creating chevron stripes on diamond tread plate.  Octagons are easy to line up in that 4 of the sides will be parallel to the raised diamond edges. Because of the shape we are able to make the diamond plate size dots .80 of an inch instead of .75.  This increase in size and the shape creates more than 10% additional coverage over standard circles.  (Coverage Rate for .80" octagons on Diamond Plate - 1 dot to the square inch or 144 dots to the square foot.)

The larger octagons can be used as reflex markers on trailers and trucks or for marking gates, bollards, building corners, loading docks and more.

Click Here to see our Reflective Dots Youtube Video.

This Video shows how reflective the Dots are.

This Video shows the dots being pressure washed.  They hold up fine but it is recommended that you used caution when power washing the dots and stay back a couple of feet.

The picture below is intended to show the colors that the octagons are available in.

We offer the reflective octagons in .80 inch, 1" and 2" sizes.  Prices are as follows. (sold in packs of 100 dots)

.80 of an inch Octagons - $12.00 Per 100 Dots. (correct size for diamond plate)

To read our article on  how to estimate the number of shapes you will need for your diamond plate click here.

1" Octagons - $20.00 Per 100 Dots.

2" Octagons - $50.00 Per 100 Dots.

There is a $8 flat shipping fee per order.  You can make your color, size and quanitity selection by using the drop down menus below. 

These are sold in lots of 100 octagon dots. For example, to order 1000 you would enter 10 for your quantity and so on.  Or divide 100 into the number of dots you need and then enter that into the quantity box. Color choices are red, fluorescent lime, fluorescent orange, blue and white.  You can make your size and color choice using the drop down menus below.